Love tap

If you ask Min how to show ‘love’ he squeezes his hands into his chest, smiles and goes, “cheyee.” So last week sometime he started doing this thing where he stands over either The Boss or me, slaps us in the face, on the arms and head several times and then show us his sign for love. Naturally, as parents,… Read more →

Anuta state of mind

I’ve spend the last few months obsessively and aggressively trying to clean my space of things. Between the laundry and the meal prep and diaper changes and dinners and clean up and bath time sometimes I can’t help but cringe at the sight of our spice cabinet filled with spices we never use and at the seven t-shirts in my… Read more →

The best scrambled eggs, really!

I’ve come up with the best scrambled egg recipe, you guys! I’ve made some version of these for quite some time, but after a few months of tweaking the spices I was using I’ve come up with a real winner. Here’s what you’ll need: – Eggs – Turmeric – Sea salt (or other salt) – Coarsely ground black pepper (or… Read more →

Point taken (said, your mom)

First this happened:   Then this happened:   Me: Why is it that when you travel you don’t cook for Min and me? Him: I AM VERY THOUGHTFUL. Me: I know you’re very thoughtful. Although a thoughtful person would not say they’re thoughtful. Him: Well, I am…VERY THOUGHTFUL. Me: Okay, so then why wouldn’t you be thoughtful enough to stock… Read more →

Date night do-over

I know I’ve been honking about how The Boss and I need to get a crib for Min on twitter for the last few months. Spoiler Alert: We still haven’t gotten one. The Boss wants to pick one together (he’s such a romantic, you guys), but by the time he gets home from work and we eat dinner, no one… Read more →

It started out as tuna

After Friday prayers, Min and I set off for the local market. I like to have our week’s meal-prep done by the weekend so there’s less work for me during the week. Ah. ha. ha. Less work. Is that ever gonna be a thing again? Once at the store, I headed for the cookie aisle. Ever since I stopped eating… Read more →

Cashew and date smoothie (raw, vegan)

One for me, one for Min!   This cashew and date smoothie has been a favorite of mine for years. I used to have one almost daily before work, but then, for reasons I can’t recall, I stopped making them for a while. But recently while making smoothies for Min, I remembered this recipe — though to call it a… Read more →

Post-Meal Uncontrollable Laughing Syndrome

Anyone who knows me well, or has gone out to eat with me, knows that I have Post-Meal Uncontrollable Laughing Syndrome. Also known as PMULS. While I was unable to get any medical doctors to confirm PMULS as an actual diagnosis, I know it’s real because I’ve suffered from this condition since I was a kid. I wrote about this… Read more →


Meeting new moms reminds me of starting my freshman year of college. I remember asking my sister Uzma how I was going to make new friends after having the same group of friends for so long. What if I went through college without ever making a friend? WAS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Tweet Read more →