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We were kind of snowed in yesterday. The local news and weather anchors, along with the mayor and governor were telling us to except severe weather: lots of snow (up to twenty four inches), wind, ice and terrible roads. It was really cold, and we did get eight inches of snow, and the roads were bad, but other parts of… Read more →

My role in Min’s God

When I was a kid I used to crack my knuckles. I learned how to do it from a friend at school and it became a sort of addictive habit. Each finger pop! would be followed with heart-pounding adrenaline, like a pill addict getting a prescription for Adderal. My mom was always telling me not to crack my knuckles. She’d… Read more →

Book update: Don’t eat all the marbles

I recently helped someone make edits to their resume and in my feedback notes said, “strip, strip, strip…” The resume was cluttered with courses and experience (some of which dated as far back as ‘who cares’) so we worked on presenting everything in a soundbite and picking career highlights to showcase. This was easy when editing someone’s resume. Not so… Read more →

Leak: party of four

We currently have four leaks in our apartment. Two in our dining room, one in our bedroom and one in the bathroom. We had some water come in through the ceiling above our dining room last year after New York was hit with several days of heavy rain. We collected water in a large bowl, called the management company and… Read more →

Civic conversation might stand a chance

I believe in the first amendment. I value this freedom as a journalist, writer and human being. I’m also aware that I, like many others, take this right for granted every single day. Part of the freedoms most of us enjoy give us the right to express our thoughts and beliefs even when others don’t agree. But within the context… Read more →

Healthy lunch option (vegetarian sandwich)

After our weekly visit to the farmer’s market on Saturday, I made sandwiches for lunch while The Boss paced around the house anxiously awaiting the Pats-Ravens match-up. (Final score: Pats: 35, Ravens: 31, PHEW!) Using ingredients from the market along with what we had in the fridge, I put a slight spin on a sandwich I used to make all… Read more →

Just keep writing

The best writing advice I got in recent months was from my uncle who’s authored a handful of books. “Just keep writing,” he said to me in an email exchange when I asked about his journey to getting published. It was a simple message that didn’t include tips on how to create a writing schedule, or a list of agencies… Read more →

The greatest opposite (and a book giveaway)

I’m giving away three copies of Don’t Be Sad by Dr. A’id al-Qarni today. It was a huge help to me in the initial months after Min was born when I was trying to understand how to merge my pre-baby and post-baby identities. It is an insightful and empowering book that is a must-read for anyone who’s ever faced any… Read more →

Keeping Min’s childhood screen-free (ish)

A few years ago, before I was a mom or a wife (so maybe longer-ago than I thought), I went to visit a friend who recently made the transition from full-time writer to stay-at-home mom after giving birth to her first child. When I walked into her living room I had to physically restrain myself from letting out an audible… Read more →