Meeting new moms reminds me of starting my freshman year of college. I remember asking my sister Uzma how I was going to make new friends after having the same group of friends for so long. What if I went through college without ever making a friend? WAS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Tweet Read more →

First steps

Min took his first steps yesterday! First a shuffle and a step, then two shuffles and a step, then three steps right into my arms. It was exhilarating! At least until I realized we probably have to cover our entire house in bubble wrap now. Tweet Read more →

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

Before Min came into my life I very firmly believed that pursuing my career could be synonymous with being a good mom so long as I had the right support system. To some degree I still think that’s true. Other times I feel like crafting a spaceship out of rocks would be more realistic. Tweet Read more →