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Parenting teacher and author Janet Lansbury is giving away FOUR copies of her book ‘No Bad Kids, toddler discipline without shame’. Two winners will receive paperback copies and two winners will receive audio books. This giveaway is open to readers world-wide. Readers in the U.S. and Canada are eligible to win hard copies of the book; international readers are eligible… Read more →

Beautiful and surreal. He’s not a toddler ‘teen’ anymore.

Min turned TWENTY MONTHS OLD yesterday. And it’s a bitter sweet feeling. It was crazy when he entered ‘double digits’ and then became a toddler. But at least when he was in the ‘teen months’ of toddlerhood he still felt kind of like a baby. At fifteen and sixteen and eighteen months, he was still a little guy that I… Read more →

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Mother’s Day 2015: More room for me

Last year, on my first Mother’s Day, I wrote this. Motherhood often feels like a different dimension. One that is unlocked with the birth of a child and the re-birth of a woman. It’s a dimension vast and wide — filled with a beauty I didn’t know existed and jagged edges that can leave you scarred and defeated. When Min… Read more →

Ten second vacation

I was driving home on Sunday after a really lovely morning at yoga when I started to feel the stress and anxiety of going home. It was like the closer to home I got, the more I wanted to turn around and run back into the studio where I have time and space to take deep breaths and empty my… Read more →

Carrot ginger cashew bisque (gluten-free)

I had a really amazing carrot ginger bisque when The Boss and I visited Big Bear Lake for our second wedding anniversary. I’ve tried my hand at this soup several times over the years and it’s a favorite around here. But recently while at the grocery store, I saw a box of soup that was a carrot ginger cashew bisque… Read more →

My toddler’s favorite books (18 months)

When I was growing up my mom took my sister Uzma and me to the local library almost weekly. I still remember the excited feeling I used to get in my chest as I took half a dozen books up to the counter to check out. It never ceased to amaze me that I could take all these books home… Read more →