Slice of lemon

Winter 2017

Hanging on with a toddler

Min wakes me up by kissing my forehead and saying, “I love you so much, Mama.” Twenty minutes later we’re here. I don’t understand how entire generations of mothers haven’t just turned into dust from the seismic energy that is a three year old child. Raising young children/toddlers is HARD. One minute they’re rainbow eyes […]

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Top 5 considerations for Pre-K

The time has come for The Boss and me to start looking at Pre-K programs for Min. He’ll turn 4 in the Fall, which means he’ll make the December cutoff to start school in New York State in September. Most of the programs in our area will fill their rosters by mid-March so we¬†have to […]

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Now with these boys

Every morning when Min wakes up he comes out of his room and hangs out with The Boss until TB leaves for work. Then instead of going back to his room Min plonks himself down in my room with books and toys and VERY LOUDLY sings Jingle Bells or Old McDonald or Happy Birthday while […]

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Mom: Family Quarterback

This is a screen shot of a video from a year ago that I’ve already watched multiple times. I can’t believe how small these boys are, Min especially. Listening to Min talk and watching Gilli watch Min – oh, it’s heartbreaking in the sweetest day. It gives me so much perspective on how little they […]

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After a hard few weeks, a shift in perspective

Autumn evenings in the backyard, a chill hangs in the air, the grass still scorched from summer. These last two weeks with Min have been HARD. I came into his third year of life excited for his growth, his stories, his learning and adventures. I was told and warned and tried my best to prepare. […]

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