Slice of lemon

Winter 2017

Children’s Book: The New Small Person

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book, ‘The New Small Person’, by Lauren Child. Min picked it out at the library this morning. It is the FIRST book I’ve come across about adjusting to life with a new sibling with brown-skinned characters! It sheds light on both children’s feelings as they get a little older with amazing […]

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Library time

Both boys need haircuts, but first library books. Tweet

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Cookbook: Hyderabadi Khasa

YASSS! 2017 cooking game is about to be LIT! My mom’s aunt in Hyderabad, India is an extraordinary chef, baker, culinary artist and teacher. And now, FINALLY, more than 100 of her authentic Hyderabadi recipes have been compiled by her daughter in this beautiful new cookbook. Best package to come home to! I’ll have this […]

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Women helping women

I was out early this morning with boys running errands and came home to find our water was off. The leasing office said there was a water pipe emergency and water would be off until sundown. They also said notices were left on doors late last night, but we didn’t find anything on our door. […]

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Brings me his suspenders and keeps asking me to make them tighter. Me: They can’t be so tight that you look goofy. Min: But I want to look goofy. Breaks into song: I AM THE GOOF OF AMEWICA, GOOF OF AMEWICA, GOOF OF AMEWICA, GOOF OF AMEWICA!! (Should we take bets now on how long […]

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