Silly me

Me: Alice, can I fix your hair before we start phonics? Alice: Yeah. Why? Me: Because they’re falling out and all your hair is in your face, which means they’re not doing their job. Alice: Tee hee hee hee. Me: What’s so funny about that? Alice: Miss Sabrina, clips don’t have a JOB! Tweet Read more →


Me: Okay, Hailey, sound it out the word. Hailey: BAT! Me: No, don’t guess, sound it out. What letters do you have there? Hailey: B-I-G Me: Good, what sound does ‘B’ make? Hailey: Bbb Me: Good, what sound does  ‘I’ make? Hailey: Ih-Ih! Me: Good. And ‘G?’ Hailey: BUGGGIYAAAH! Me: sudden and hysterical laughter Hailey: sudden and hysterical laughter Me:… Read more →

Speaking from experience

Me: You guys, Miss Sabrina is not feeling well today so I need everyone to be on their best behavior and listen to what I say the first time so I don’t have to keep repeating myself. Oakley: Oh, you’re going to frow up, Miz Dabrina. Me: What? No, I hope not. It’s not that kind of sick, Oakley. Oakley:… Read more →


Maya: Miss Sabrina, I got a boo-boo on my finger. Me: Aw, sorry to hear that Maya. Are you okay? Libby: Miss Sabrina, I have a boo-boo on my finger too! Me: Oh my. We’ve got some serious injuries today. Libby: My mom got hurt when she was a little girl, too. She had to have both her fingers taped… Read more →

Please rise

The holiday weekends have passed, and like many of you I went back to a normal work week last Monday. I like teaching part-time, but anyone who works with kids knows how incredibly exhausting it can be. Every so often I have those days when I feel like I can conquer the part of my world that involves at least… Read more →

Quick to confess

Me: Oakley, why are your cheeks all red? Oakley: Oh, my cheeks. Yeah, I got punched in da face! Me: What? No you didn’t. Oakley: Yes, Miz Dabrina, a robot PUNCHED ME IN DA FACE! Me: Oakley, your cheeks are red like you got a rash, or were outside in the cold too long. It doesn’t look like a robot… Read more →