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Weekend Snapshots: Uzma’s baby shower!

<3, Me. (Thanks Kiran for taking so many photos!)

Weekend Snapshots: The Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, Mass.

The Boss (a native New Englander) has been telling me about “The Big E” for as long as I can remember. The Big E, formally called The Eastern States Exposition, is held in West Springfield, Mass. every year for 2 weeks in September.¬†The Boss and his sibs grew up going to this fair and finally […]

The henna Patriots logo on my wrist explained

Little BFF’s mom was putting what we call Mehndi (sounds like: man-dee) or henna on my hands Saturday night when The Boss rolled up to our girl area (uh, the kitchen table) and told her to add a Patriots logo to the design she was working on. Of course I said no to this idea, […]

Ramadan craving: chocolate chip cookies

Yup. These totally hit the spot.

Chatting Muslim fashion videos with Baruch Shemtov: genConnect and #waywire

(Photo taken by one of the genConnect gals.) On the second day of the BlogHer ’12 Conference I had an interview with genConnect and #waywire about the Muslim women’s fashion videos I’m gearing up for relaunch this year. This is me chatting on camera with Baruch Shemtov. We talked about how I (obvi) wasn’t the […]

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