Chatting Muslim fashion videos with Baruch Shemtov: genConnect and #waywire

(Photo taken by one of the genConnect gals.) On the second day of the BlogHer ’12 Conference I had an interview with genConnect and #waywire about the Muslim women’s fashion videos I’m gearing up for relaunch this year. This is me chatting on camera with Baruch Shemtov. We talked about how I (obvi) wasn’t the first Muslim woman interested in… Read more →

Preparing for Ramadan

Ramadan is just 5 weeks away so the preparations at our place have begun. It’s a mix of spiritual prep mixed with food prep — our religion is cool like that. Yesterday I got started with 2 Indian dishes and this week The Boss and I plan on making a few pizzas and pastas. The system is simple: we cook,… Read more →

DIY photo display

I wanted to hang some photos of The Boss and me above my desk at home, but it would have been too costly to get them printed and put in the frames I wanted. So instead I decided to experiment with a little DIY. I went to Staples and bought photo and black construction paper. Then I swung by Michael’s… Read more →

Internet, help me organize my photos!

Maybe “30 million photos” is a slight exaggeration, but I kid not when I say that I am incredibly overwhelmed at the idea of trying to organize my pictures. Every year-ish I try and tackle this project. The last time I went into Photo Organization mode was when we were living in Los Angeles. Between working retail, freelancing and my… Read more →