Three and a half

My sweet boy, three and a half years old.

These last six months were hard. We had a lot of battles and there were a lot of tears. And so many days when I felt ill-equipped as a parent. Everything I adore about Min still existed in him during this JOLTING introduction to age three, but there were a lot of clouds covering the sunshine.

Over the last couple of weeks though I’ve started to see his rays again. I see Min beginning to turn a corner and I want to grab his hand and sprint around that bend.

I think parents with children of varying ages – toddlers/kids/adolescents – know this feeling. You can feel when you’re about to enter the trenches and also when you are finally able to pull yourself out and just be.

Here’s to what’s ahead, Kiddo. May we leave the harder terrain behind for many moons to come. Or at least for the next few months.

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