Women helping women

I was out early this morning with boys running errands and came home to find our water was off. The leasing office said there was a water pipe emergency and water would be off until sundown. They also said notices were left on doors late last night, but we didn’t find anything on our door. To our complex’s benefit, it was REALLY windy yesterday and throughout the night so maybe our notice flew off our door handle.

The boys and I were cold, tired and hungry when we got home (I also had to break up a fight over the tricycle) so to think about bundling up again and heading out to the store again with these two tots was a little UGH, ya know?

This post isn’t actually about the water being turned off. I am VERY aware that turning on my faucet and EXPECTING water is an absolute PRIVILEGE and NOT my birth right. Same goes for even having the option to go back out and get what I needed.

This is about how I, a little bummed and tired, texted my tribe of moms and within the hour a friend who is pregnant, has a toddler and a husband traveling for work showed up at my door with six gallons of drinking water. Read that last sentence again.

Female celebrities are always in the media honking about how women need to support each other. They’re always glammed up on red carpets or on their social media saying things that often make me roll my eyes. But THIS is what women supporting women looks like, you guys. And now more than ever I understand and value community. Especially one made up of women.

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