Eight months with Gilli

My sweet baby,

Today you are eight months old.

This month you finally parted ways with the swaddle! You were so content being wrapped up tight, Dada and I just went with it. I thought we were going to swaddle you off to college!

You cackle when you laugh and I love how you fall from Dada’s arms into mine when I offer you my hands. You do the same for him. You’ve started sitting up, and are trying to push up to all fours with occasional success.

Your favorite past time these days, besides grabbing and swatting at everything and pulling everyone’s hair, is to sit in the play yard with a small storage bin (the one with the blue handles for Min’s toys), a stackable Percy the Small Engine toy, a green Oball rattle, and the blue elephant Aunt Julie gave to Min when he was born. You play with and investigate these things with focus and intrigue.

Your big brother is always trying to make you laugh when he’s not knocking you over, jumping on top of you, pulling at your fingers, or slapping you on the head. And you think he is the funniest person in the house. When you hear Min racing down the hall toward you each morning, you perk up and smile. His wild antics and shenanigans around you and for you make you laugh until your belly shakes.

You open your mouth like a baby bird when I say “moo kholo” (open your mouth). Your favorite foods are chicken, hummus, rice (the one I make with onions and lemon) and pears. You don’t seem too keen on bananas.

You fuss when I take something away from you, blow raspberries and say “Lala,” “Mama,” and “Dada.” But my favorite is your sing-song, “Taaa, TA! Taaa, TA!” I recorded it on my phone, which has become your new teething toy.

You are mild and sweet, and you smell like happy clouds and sunshine. Your tender heart and kind gaze fill me up with lightness and joy. My favorite part of the day with you is when Dada and I snuggle you close and kiss you to our heart’s content. When we put you down to sleep, you turn onto your belly and settle in.

The other night you were sitting on the bed and I was laying beside you. You were talking in your sweet baby babble and looking all around the room. You looked at me and I smiled just as you turned away to look at something else. Instead of going about your baby curiosities, you turned back to me and smiled.

That moment spoke so deeply to me about who you are. It was everything to me. You are everything to me.

Forever yours,

Gilli, 8 mos.


4 thoughts on “Eight months with Gilli

  1. “you smell like happy cloud and sunshine”…that line resonated with me. Mashallah you are ana amazing writer. Happy Eight Months sweet boy!! Lots of love to you, Min, your Mama and Dada from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and Damascus and Homs, Syria!

    1. Linda, thank you so much for all the international love! <3

  2. Happy 8 months baby boy!

    1. Thanks, (Aunty) Ana. 🙂

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