One month with Gilli

Dearest Gilli,

Today you are one month old. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. It feels like you were born only hours ago. Yet somehow here we are one full month later.

My heart ballooned with joy the moment I saw you. You have the most beautiful hands and the cutest button nose. You look a lot like your cousin Tater.

Your big brother, Min, met you with curiosity, concern and restrained smiles. He wants to hold and kiss you all the time. Though he will occasionally throw something at your head too.

The day after you were born, Dada’s parents, brother, sister and niece (that’s your other cousin, Little Lamb) came to meet you. They held you in their arms and cradled your head in their hands. They looked at you with so much tenderness the room swelled with love.

There were moments this month when I felt overwhelmed caring for a brand new you. But we were so lucky to have Myjaan (Dada’s mom) and Nanuna (my mom) come stay with us. They helped ease our transition tremendously by cooking and cleaning and putting our every need before their own. We were so blessed to have them with us for these last few weeks. I miss them already.

You are so sweet and relaxed. And I get lost in the kindness I see in your eyes. You smell like coconuts and sometimes like elaichi. And that makes me so happy. You make me so happy.

Welcome to our family, little bear.

Lovingly yours,

Gilli, one month