Min’s bum knee

On Sunday The Boss and I took Min to an indoor play arena. The weather outside was in the high 80s and BRUTAL. It was so hot, I wore a damp hijab because I needed something cold on my head, and I knew it would dry like, four minutes after I walked outside.

Every winter, after weeks of being snowed in, I say I’ll never spend another winter in New York. And every summer, after days of swampy heat and the blazing sun overhead, I say I’ll never spend another summer in New York.

Yet here I am. Season after season.

I love New York, but the extreme weather conditions can be physically and emotionally exhausting. There’s basically a period of two weeks before summer (in other parts of the country it’s called Spring) and two weeks before winter (some of you might know this as Fall) where the weather in New York is beautiful. Everyone is happy and when The Boss talks about moving back to Los Angeles, I’m all, NO WAY, THE WEATHER HERE IS PERFECT!

But then we get a winter storm in May followed by 90-degree weather the following week. Next thing you know, you’re driving around with a snow shovel in your trunk in case you get stuck in the grocery store parking lot, AND a swim diaper in your glove box in case the weather permits taking your toddler to the pool.

So, Min was having a total blast at the play arena, climbing blocks and going down the slide, and running through a maze of punching bags. The unbridled joy on his face was priceless — this was a place where he could CLIMB ON EVERYTHING.

Min's bum knee, 20 mos.

He was playing when he suddenly stopped and held his right knee. Then he started to wince, and then cry, and he wouldn’t put any weight on his leg. The Boss scooped him up and asked what happened and Min kept rubbing his knee. We asked him to stand, but he kept shaking his head ‘no’ so we got some ice from the staff and called his doctor.

We took Min in for an X-ray because his doctor wanted to rule out a “toddler fracture,” which is apparently the medical term used because tibial fractures are so common among toddlers.

The Boss and I were worried about a possible sprain or tear (as former athletes it’s the first place our minds went), but Min’s pediatricians explained that toddlers are less prone to those types of injuries because their ligaments are strong, but their bones are weak. Conversely, adults are more prone to tears and sprains (not breaks) because our bones are strong, but our ligaments are weak.

Interesting factoid, I thought.

Min's bum knee, 20 mos.

Thankfully Min’s X-rays were clean, but the doctor said our little guy likely had a “deep bruise” either on his bone or in his tissue, and it would take a week or two to heal.

Min shakily stood up for the first time Wednesday afternoon (he’d just been crawling around since the weekend,) and now he’s limping a little when he walks, but that’s a good sign because it means he’s on the mend.

After Min got hurt, I imagined all the years of sports practices and matches/games ahead of us and wondered what it would feel like to watch him get knocked over on a court, or on a field.

I mean, the kid got hurt in A FULLY PADDED PLAY AREA FOR TODDLERS and I was blinking away tears while holding a bag of ice to his knee.

Maybe I’m a little sensitive because I’m the mom, I thought. But on our drive home The Boss turned to me and said, “My heart can’t take this. Parenting is too hard.”

Two Saps And A Toddler…might be the title of my next book.


6 thoughts on “Min’s bum knee

  1. I’m so glad he is ok. I did not see any limping today.
    Also… a place where toddlers can CLIMB ON EVERYTHING! I need to take Liam there!

    1. Thanks, Ana. Yes, he’s much improved! Yes, we’ll have to take the boys there — Busy Bees in Palisades!

  2. So glad Min is OK now!

    1. Thanks Humaira. Us too!

  3. Yup! that’s parenthood :s thank God that Min I’d ok 🙂 and you and The Boss will be ok too inshallah. Both of you will get the strength you need when the game times come inshallah 😉

    I need to remember this too… I can go from “Oh my goodness my baby!!” to “ah it’s just a bump…you are ok my bud” and clapping wildly so that he doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

    1. Linda, now we know what our parents went through!

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