Ten months

ten months

Hey Little Monster,

Today you are ten months old and this if your first double-digit birthday! When I uploaded your 10-month photos to my computer today I saw the folder that had your one-month photos and it’s crazy to think we used to be there.

So many mamas say when you have a baby the days are long and the years are short and this month was the first time I caught a glimpse of that.

This month two more of your top teeth broke through and you’ve got another one budding on the bottom left. You also learned out to wave and give high fives this month, which is the best! You love to wave at yourself in the mirror and to the people walking by when we stand at the window.

You have your own version of a crawl, which is super cute especially because you work so hard to get to where you want to go. You put both arms straight in front of you like you’re going to dive and then kick your legs to propel you forward. You are constantly on the move these days and get into everything. I say, “moo-me-naye” (not in your mouth) so many times to you over the course of one day Daddy said you probably think that’s your name.

You love to stand up and hop/walk with help. And this month you pulled yourself up to the coffee table all by yourself for the first time. Daddy and I were so excited and then promptly cleared the table. It looks like we’ve entered the baby-proofing stage, which once seemed so far away.

Since you move about the house so much you’ve fallen down and bumped your head quite a bit this month. And each time you do you make this really funny ugly-adorable face that looks like you’re in total shock by what just happened.

This month was your first: Ramadan, World Cup (Germany beat Argentina) and Wimbledon (Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer in five sets.) Your new sounds this month were “ghunn” and also “ah-ah-ah,” which is a sound you make while hitting your open mouth with the palm of your hand. You also do a lot of “brrrr” these days, which is basically you just spitting on everyone. You said “mama” for the first time too, but I’m not sure if you know that’s me and you call Daddy “Da.”

Oh, you also had your first tantrum this month, which was strangely intriguing to watch. I just sort of stared at you while you flailed around and cried. Mostly because I wasn’t sure what the protocol was. And also because I didn’t want snot on me.


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  1. Min is getting so big so fast mashallah! So, you speak Urdu to him at home? Mr. T and I have discussed this also, and since we both speak English so much to each other, I’m not sure how we’d establish another language we’re not that confident in. Any tips?

    1. Humaira, TB doesn’t speak Urdu, but he understands so it’s like my mission to make sure the baby speaks/understands Urdu. My parents and Uzma and TB’s parents/family talk to the baby in Urdu, but we don’t see them daily so basically it’s on me! Challenge accepted! Point being, I think the mom has to do it. That’s when it sticks iA!

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