6:30 AM: Baby boss takes his post

Baby boss

This is how The Boss found Min this morning. I’m asleep in this picture too, but you can’t see me because I’M AT THE EDGE OF THE BED.

I attend a monthly meetup for new moms and a lot of the conversation at today’s circle was about transitioning co-sleepers into their own space. Min has been sleeping with us since he was about a week old and we love it. But he’s getting super active and mobile now that when I went up to get him after his nap one afternoon I found him hanging off the side of the bed. I guess he thought he’d save me a trip and just meet me downstairs? So yeah, it might be time for us to get this little sprawler a crib.

Hear that, Min? Consider yourself warned.

6 thoughts on “6:30 AM: Baby boss takes his post

  1. Asalaamu Alaikum!
    First daughter didn’t sleep in her own room (or bed) until she was around 28 months old. She sleeps there fine now. She was just mature enough to understand what was going on. Now we have baby girl #2 snuggling with us (5 months old). Co sleeping is the best <3

    1. Amina, haha, awww. Yes it is. The main challenge we’re facing now is when the baby wakes up from naps he tries to scoot off the bed! We should probably put the baby monitor back up. Also, he wakes up early and slaps me in the head until I wake up. A crib would help then!

  2. We are not there yet but I am very nervous about it. The little guy does not get any sleep in his bassinet. He just lays there all night. The only way he sleeps is between hubby and I. And honestly we love having him there. So I think it will be tougher on us than on him. I will keep on reading with the hopes of some tips and tricks 🙂

    1. Linda, yes, it’s so sweet to be part of the baby sandwich when the baby stays put! Once the little guy starts moving you have to reconfigure sleeping arrangements!

  3. Cute 🙂

    We are in the same dilemma too. We need to desperately get her out of my bed, so that poor hubby can move back in!

    1. Sal, let me know how it goes! We’ve been co-sleeping because it’s so much easier since the baby wakes up at night. And of course cuddles are a bonus 🙂 But now we need space. And I need sleep! Especially since the baby wakes up early and punches me in the head until I get up!

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