Some days with a baby look like this:

This happened after an already trying day with Min. It was like the cherry on top of a cup cake…if the cherry was made out of broken glass and the cup cake was made out of Pepto-Bismol.

Baby food spill

And of course this was on the first evening of The Boss’s week-long business trip to Orlando.

2014-06-028Days like this happen. And they suck.

2014-06-029I don’t know if motherhood has taught me how to be more patient or if I’ve just learned to deal.

2014-06-031And by “learned to deal” I mean: Leave baby in high chair, walk to living room, sit on sofa and cry.

13 thoughts on “Some days with a baby look like this:

  1. Thanks so much for this honest post in times of blogposts, youtube vlogs and magazines full of what seemst to be do-it-all-supermoms. I am a mother of an 8 months old. AlhamdulIllah. And a lot of my days look like this one. At some point I will just lose it. And, to be honest, I don’t think this will ever change much. BUT I know it’s all worth it. You do your best and to cite my mum “no matter what you do wrong, and you will do something wrong eventually – your child will love you just because you are his mommy” (and she added with a sigh “until puberty that is”) Lol.

    1. Leena, haha, yes the later years might be challenging! Yikes! Guess we should enjoy the baby stage while we can even on the days it’s overwhelming. Hang in there, Mama! You’re doing great!

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  3. Sabrina, I’m not a mother but I can tell you are a fantastic one mashallah. Min is lucky to have you. It’s OK to take a breather every now and then. Taking care of a little person is very hard work and you have nothing but my utmost admiration.

    1. Thanks Humaira. That means a lot 🙂

  4. Aww Sabrina, sadly this is motherhood! I do feel for you though, my little one is 13 months now, and these type of incidents are decreasing, and I think that’s mainly because I’ve realised what she does like and what she doesn’t. She is definitely not interested in me feeding her, and wants to eat on her own.

    One thing we did do though is that we got rid of our white furniture and replaced it with leather or dark furniture. We also have wooden flooring which really helps, and the rug we did have is ready to go in the bin sadly.

    As I am sat here typing my daughter is emptying folders from the shelves. Right better get back to tidying up, it’s a never ending 24/7 job. Literally. Quite literally.

    1. Sal, yes, 24/7 that’s for sure! Yup, now we know how hard our parents worked!

  5. omg sabrina!! I have thought the same thing many times… you just never know how much crap you can take until you have a baby!!! Hahahhaah and at that point no matter how much baby food and vomit and diarrhea you have on your carpet, dress, new sandals and hair… you just ROLL WITH IT. LOLLL props to ya momma. You’re not alone and that’s important to know!

    1. Miriam, That is so true. To know other mamas are going through this too, and to know they survive(!) is a huge morale boost. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  6. Salam alaikum hon 🙂
    Some days will be like this but many others will look much better inshallah. There is nothing wrong with putting him in a safe place and taking a minute or two to make sure that you are ok, because the strength is in knowing when you need to step away for a bit to regain your composure so that you are taken care of and then he will be even better taken care of. You are doing a great job xo

    1. WS Linda. Thanks. Yeah, I agree that sometimes you just need to step away for a few minutes. We all need a second to breathe!

  7. I can empathise 🙂 nothing I say will make it better but hey. I spend a long time standing there boiling his first stage weaning vegetables / fruit only for him to reject him- makes me feel deflated defeated and inadequate. Doesn’t help that the rejection:like/dislike is not predictable, no.

    Then when I wake up to his adorable smile and expectant gaze waiting for me to open my eyes and he greets me with such a wide smile it melts my heart. An hour ago i boiled his carrots only for him to kick them aside ( not literally!). Now I’ve just finished smothering his whole face in kisses in between b.feeding him.

    This is what motherhood is about, isn’t it? Well done you, for getting up and trying again ! Xx

    1. Aww, thanks Sofia. Yes, I guess that’s what this journey is. Kisses, annoyance, love, repeat.

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