Elephant weekender tote

women's weekender tote

MIL picked up this perfect elephant print weekender tote for me on her most recent trip to India!

It has a sturdy, wide base and is super roomy, which is nice since it gets mostly filled with baby-sized polo shirts.

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2 responses to Elephant weekender tote

  1. Wow, loving the new look, it’s so different to how the site’s been for years but I think it reflects the new phase in your life.

    Also, I am obsessed with big handbags, Mr. T is not. We are still working out a compromise agreement.

    • Sabrina Enayatulla – Author

      Thanks, Humaira! Yes, big totes are the best! Especially when you’re spending the night somewhere and don’t want to pack a rolling bag. Mr. T will get on board when you offer to put his toiletries in your bag. Haha.

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