Nine months

nine months

Hey Mickey,

Today you are nine months old. This month the baby development train crashed into Separation Anxiety Station and erupted into a ball of flames.

When the smoke cleared we found that YOU NEED TO BE TOUCHING ME AT ALL TIMES and that you don’t quite understand that pinching my funny bone, kicking me in the bladder and jamming your fingers into my eye sockets is just bad form. A lot of Mamas have reassured me that this phase is normal and I’ll get through your screaming the moment I turn my head and body flailing when I leave the room. It’s sweet of them, but I’m all, TELL THAT TO THE SPIN CLASS I’M NOT IN RIGHT NOW.

You have four teeth now! Your top two teeth popped through a few weeks ago and you’ve started to bite everything. Some of your favorite things to chomp down on include other peoples’: toes, noses, chins, arms, shoulders, elbows and eyebrows. This month you went swimming for the first time! You kick like a frog and hum/sing/talk to yourself as we glide through the water. This month was also the first time you got upset. You reached for something that you were definitely planning on slamming into your face and when Daddy and I took it away you screamed. It was both shocking and adorable that you thought that could work in this house.

You can pull yourself up to a standing position when seated all by your own strength now and only need Daddy’s or my hands for balance. You’re trying to get up on all fours and when you do it’s for about 20 seconds. You rock back and forth a bit, but then resolve to get where you’re trying to go by laying on your belly and kicking your legs to propel you forward, or sideways, or sometimes in a circle.

This month, you also started to understand when I say, “Doosra haath do” (give me your other hand) when we’re at the sink and I’m cleaning you up after a meal. It’s the most exciting thing when I say it and you reach your little hand over from behind my shoulder! You still love to jump and you’ve started to clap louder these days; you clap when you’re happy and as a signal to let me know you’re finished eating.

This month you also got your first bruise (on your knee) and are making some new sounds: “boof” and “yah” and “ma” and what sounds like “okay.” You love to be outside and I love watching you take in the world around you. You’re sweet and adventurous and also a day-full. You love Daddy so much and I think he’s your favorite person. It’s so sweet to watch how you interact with him and how you explode with joy whenever he’s around. Daddy says you love me more, but usually after he says that you headbutt me in the face.


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  1. Humaira, yes, Alhumdulillah! It’s a good feeling when he get something because you feel like you’re interacting with a real person, haha 🙂

  2. He’s starting to understand the world around him and interact mashallah!

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