Eight months

Eight months

My Dear Minnie,

Today you are eight months old. And what stands out to me the most about this past month is that you’ve really started to feel more like a companion to me. I really enjoy the time we spend together and it’s so exciting watching you learn new things.

This month “Jaanjaan” (grandma, my mom) taught you how to clap! You can drink from a straw and you extend your hand for a shake when Daddy and I say, “Assalamu ‘Alaikum” (peace be unto you) and offer you our hands. You can roll from your back to your belly now and you wiggle over to your right side when we put you down to sleep. You’ve started to make a clicking sound with your mouth at random times that sounds like you ate a Sour Patch Kid and this month you learned how to put your arms through your shirts when I say “haath dalo” (put your hand through), which literally made me squeal with joy! These days you’re sitting on my hip more comfortably when I carry you. I’m not gonna lie, I’d been forcing the issue since you were like, three months old.

You can sit up for lengthy periods of time now before you tip over so you’ve been playing in your playyard a lot. This month you started to show that you like some things better than others: you prefer orange to green and blue to orange. Your favorite teethers are the Angel Brush/Baby Buddy, and your favorite books are “Peekaboo Hugs” (a gift from “Myjaan,”Daddy’s mom) and “Daisy’s Day Out,” which was among the massive collection of books you were so lucky to be given from your Aunty Sara-Sophia and Uncles Tariq and Aiden’s childhood library. You love your Pat the Bunny plush that was passed on to you from your Uncle Amir and Aunties Noor and Sana, and you prefer the basketball Aunty Lesley gave you over most things, which makes Daddy very happy.

You haven’t been showing too many signs of wanting to crawl this month, but you have started to sort of launch yourself from a sitting position onto what I think is supposed to be your hands and knees, but you always end up face planting with a smile. But at least the idea is there.

On a less thrilling note you’ve started to pull my hair ALL THE TIME and constantly try to stick your fingers up my nose. And it’s THE WORST. It doesn’t matter where we are in proximity to each other, somehow you wriggle your way over to me and reach for my head and nostrils simultaneously. It’s probably the most annoying thing in the world since I found out Snooki wrote a book. That got published.

This month we celebrated our first Mother’s Day together and went out for sushi. It was the first time that you, Daddy and I went out to eat just the three of us! While you can’t eat sushi just yet, you have been eating more food this month. And I’m having so much fun making everything at home for you! You’re kind of like my little helper when I’m in the kitchen except minus the ‘helper’ part. You’re eating fruits, vegetables, some grains and boiled egg yolks, which you eat in your new high chair that Daddy got for you.

Sometimes you and I wake up with our foreheads and noses pressed together and it’s the sweetest feeling. We cuddle and play in bed and roughhouse in your room. You love to jump and kick your arms and legs and whenever we reenact WWF matches from the early 90s I let you win. Okay, sometimes I win. But that’s because I’m preparing you for real life. Life lessons are a mother’s forte.


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