Seven months

Seven monthsDear Mickey,

Today you are seven months old and you have two bottom teeth! It was a tough road as those little guys worked their way up; you had rough days and sleepless nights and you started sleeping with us again because it was much easier for Daddy and me to comfort you at night.

Being sleep deprived makes your mind all wonky though. And almost every morning Daddy and I would look at each other and ask, “How did he get here?” We were talking about you.

This month you started “vocalizing,” which is really just fancy-speak for Damn, Son. You be Screaming Too Much. You discovered your voice pretty early on and have always “talked” a lot, but this month you discovered that whatever it is you’re saying could actually GET MUCH LOUDER. I tell you “aystaa” (softly) when you scream. Sometimes I get frustrated, shoot you a stern look and tell you not to shout. You might not fully understand what I’m saying just yet, but you’re very perceptive. Your face and body language change when you can tell I’m not happy with something you’re doing. Daddy reminded me that the only way you know how to learn about the world, discover your own abilities and express yourself right now is the way you’re doing it so I’ve made a real effort to be more patient as you learn and discover into my eardrums all day.

Your other new thing this month is that you’ve started posing for selfies! We were home in Northern Virginia and Aunty bff Tina didn’t believe that you would actually pose so she took out her iPhone and when you saw yourself on the screen you leaned in toward her and smiled for the picture! It was and still is hilarious.

This month you’ve also started to understand more “commands,” like “utto” (get up) when you’re laying down. You hold my fingers (or thumbs) and work really hard to lift yourself to a sitting position as I gently guide you. You also understand, “haath upper karo” (put your hands up), which I say to you when I’m changing your clothes. You lift your little arms up so I can change your shirts and onesies and you’re sitting up for longer periods of time before you tip over!

You love to jump. It’s your favorite thing to do all the time and everyone who meets you is surprised by how much you actually jump. Anytime you’re in an upright position you’re jumping, or at least trying to. A few weeks ago I put you down for a nap and when you woke up your hands looked bigger! I know you’re growing and changing every day, but I’d never noticed such a significant change until now. These new developments have Daddy very excited. You love to jump and your hands grew? I should probably fit you for basketball shoes now.