Sponsored: Win a Bummis Tini Fit cloth diaper!

Bummies cloth diaper

Our friends at Bummies are giving away two TINI FIT cloth diapers! This giveaway is open to readers in the U.S. and Canada and ends April 8.

UPDATE! The Tini Fit diaper is one of Bummis most popular and the diapers are now on back order! I’ll contact the winners with details once the winners are announced next week!

Our friends at Bummies sent a TINI FIT cloth diaper for Min to use as a newborn and they’re giving away TWO more to TWO lucky readers! This giveaway is open to readers in the U.S. and Canada.

Got a baby on the way? Know someone who does? Then you need to enter this giveaway NOW because you are not going to want to pass on Bummies’ adorable Tini Fit diapers!

As you guys know The Boss and I have been doing a mix of cloth and hybrid diapers for Min along with disposables for weekend getaways — and for when grandparents are on diaper duty. We’ve got several different cloth diapers from different manufacturers, but the one main challenges we found when Min was first born was that well, he was a newborn. And as practical as the “pick-a-size” diapers seem (some brands are really great as your baby grows) we still needed something that would fit him properly during the initial weeks of life. And the Bummies Tini Fit was such a perfect diaper for our little guy. It fit him perfectly from when he was an infant until he was three months old!

Bummies sent the Tini Fit in “grape!” How cute!

Bummies cloth diaper

The Tini Fit’s insert is attached to the diaper! What a great idea!

Review of the Bummies Tini Fit diaper

Just tuck the attached insert into the back of the diaper like so…




It also comes with an additional unattached absorbent layer that can be used two ways.


You can lay it on the inside of the diaper like a little baby pee and poo pad or…


You can use this as a second insert and double stuff the diaper.


The Bummies Tini Fit has a great all-around fit. I especially love the elastic around waist and legs to ensure a snug fit.



Early on this was one of our go-to diapers because of the great fit and because it dried so fast after it came out of the washing machine.

Review of Bummies Tini Fit cloth diaper

And also because it looks like this on a baby’s bottom.

Review of Bummies Tini Fit diaper

The Tini Fit is a great diaper and the kind folks at Bummies are giving away TWO of their Tini Fit diapers to TWO lucky readers! This giveaway is open to readers in the U.S. and Canada and ends April 8. Good luck!

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