Sponsored: Win a BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator

20140331_133700The folks at BabyComfyCare are giving away two BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirators! This giveaway is open to readers in the U.S. and Canada and ends April 7.

Before you have babies the most common thing people talk to you about is how many nasty poop diapers you’re going to change; texture of said poop TBD. But it wasn’t the poopy diapers that weighed on my mind as Min’s arrival approached. What freaked me out was the boogers. Turns out, pulling boogers out of a baby’s nose is actually quite exciting!

A real conversation I had with my sister Uzma after I had a baby:

Me: Not to be gross, but I kind of like pulling boogies out of Min’s nose.

Uzma: Oh my God I know! And when you get a real big one out, don’t you feel so good?

Me: YES!

Uzma: I know!

Me: Mmm, this pizza is good!

Uzma: Thanks! The recipe is so easy!

Ah yes. From “I’m telling Mooom!” to ‘Let’s talk about BABY SNOT!’ This is the real evolution of sisterhood.

Since I work from home I knew going into this whole Motherhood thing that a majority of baby duties (snotty ones included) would fall onto my Mommy To-Do plate. Which is why I started looking for nasal aspirators for the day when I would undoubtedly come tissue to face with the dreaded S-word.

I was a million percent sure I was not going to use those bulb aspirators you see everywhere because the design was so obviously flawed. For starters the tip was too long and narrow. I was definitely not going to jam that thing up my baby’s nose. I also wasn’t going to risk a big, gooey one getting stuck in that long aspirator artery. And since the bulb didn’t have an “exit strategy” for boogies it might catch, squeezing it again would be like launching the booger right back into your kid’s nose. And how were you supposed to clean that thing if it didn’t open? I mean, how long can you store boogers in a bulb before it turns into Asbestos? Last week Min got a cold. And while I’m so sad to hear my baby congested I was happy the folks at BabyComfyCare sent a BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator for Min so I could get all the gunk out of his little nose. So the way this thing works is super easy. And I promise it’s way less gross than you’re thinking it is!

Like most babies Min is not a huge fan of having his nose cleaned, but the BabyComfyNose makes the process a lot, lot easier for both baby and me. Well, easier until he tries to grab it out of my hand and eat it!

BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator

And now on to the giveaway! BabyComfyCare is giving away TWO of their BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirators (one blue and one magenta) to TWO lucky readers! The winners will be announced here on the blog next week and the winner that contacts me first has first dibs on the color. This giveaway is open to readers in the U.S. and Canada and ends April 7. Good luck!

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5 thoughts on “Sponsored: Win a BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator

  1. I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I’m nervous or grossed out by cleaning baby’s poop or not being able to put him to sleep at night, eeeek but I’m sure it will all come naturally inshallah once the baby is here.

  2. Cool! I used the nosefrieda before but I like this one better

  3. I didn’t really have any worries at all. Honestly!

  4. Diapers were intimidating for me at first! And they still kind of are and my son is going to be 1!

  5. We used something similar to this for Zuni. We used to call it “The Snot Sucker” LOL 🙂
    There is something oddly pleasing about getting boogers out of your kids nose… I would add though that I find strange pleasure in pulling out ear wax from my kid’s ears too.
    Gosh I sound like a weirdo.

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