‘Vintique’ elephant bookends

Antique elephant figurines

The Boss’s mom was in India earlier this year and spent some time treasure hunting at her parents’ old, practically abandoned apartment.

The Boss’s grandparents don’t live in India anymore, but they’ve always had an apartment there, which they never got around to selling. So The Boss’s grandmother told his mom (MIL) to sort of go crazy with her siblings and take what they liked. And the whole scene sort of sounds like a dream to me.

Rummaging through old knick knacks and forgotten pictures; trying on old saris and slipping into wedding shoes from the 1930s and looking at old paintings and carpets and furniture.

I’m sure the reality was much less romantic though. Like, cough, cough, anyone have hand sanitizer? I am not using that bathroom… THERE’S A SPIDER!!!

Nonetheless MIL brought back some pretty cool stuff from her parents’ old place including these elephant bookends for me! I realize people overuse words like “vintage” and “antique,” but these are well over 20 years old, but not quite 100 so they’re sort of Vintique really. When MIL gave them to me she was all, “If you don’t like them you don’t have to…” and I practically snatched them out of her hand so hard she might have gotten up to get a Band-aid.

Seriously, the elephant on the right has sharp ears.

2 thoughts on “‘Vintique’ elephant bookends

  1. @Janine Yes! And who doesn’t love elephants?! 🙂

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I can just imagining them adding some charm wherever they may find themselves.

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