No one puts baby in a drawer. Actually, my dad does.

Min sleeps in a drawer

A few weeks ago The Boss and Min and I took what I like to call a Red Eye Road Trip or a RERT home to Northern Virginia. A RERT is when your round-trip drive takes about the same amount of hours as you will spend at your destination.

Obviously, I made up the term RERT, but I feel confident that it’ll catch on.


We were home for such a short period of time that we packed one bag for Min and Me and The Boss pretty much just shoved all his stuff into his pockets.

Deodorant, CHECK.
Toothbrush, CHECK.
Your dad will have toothpaste at the house, right? CHECK.
Sneakers, CHECK.
Clothes on my back, CHECK.

Must be nice to be a dude.

So we get to my dad’s house around 9 p.m., totally exhausted and ready for bed when my dad suggests (again) that Min sleep in a drawer.

Yes, I said again.

The first time we went to Northern Virginia with Min, he was 3 months old at which time my dad enthusiastically suggested our baby sleep in a drawer. While we declined his offer back then that didn’t stop him from suggesting the drawer set up again, but this time he had a case.

“The last time you were here, you said it was a tight fit for all three of you in your bed,” he said. “So I’m suggesting a drawer because it’ll be like a little crib on the ground next to you.”

He was right.

See, I have a full bed in my room at my dad’s and The Boss and I have a queen bed here in New York. And while you may not think six extra inches of mattress could make that much of a difference, when there’s a baby involved those six inches are like adding a 1,400 square foot extension to your house. And so our baby boy slept in a drawer. And somewhere in the world, the producers of “The Checks” episode of “Seinfeld” were smiling at all of us.

6 thoughts on “No one puts baby in a drawer. Actually, my dad does.

  1. And of corse your family is the best and brightest in the Indian community! No one screams or yells! You are much more advanced in your child rearing! #noted

  2. That’s vey mean of you but oh well- :(((( at least you have The Boss ????

  3. @Afsana, so the moral of the story is that our dad’s should not team up to write a parenting book! Haha or maybe they should 🙂 You’re right, there’s something to learn from everyone!

  4. LaRissa, I remember that! That mom was always screaming at her kid and was sooo mean except when the dad got home!

    In this case at least The Boss was there when my dad put our kid in a drawer haha. Also of course it was out of love and creativity!

  5. 🙁 I remember you posted once in your pre children days you observing a mother and her child and your thoughts of calling CPS – I say let’s see how youngest and let us call CPS on this one! Ha ha

  6. I think your father and my father may be related, because mine would have suggested the exact same thing. LOL

    When I had my first child, I turned my nose up at some of the old school advice that my parents had to offer. I read all the books and felt that I knew everything there was to know about being a parent. Soon, I realized that my son had apparently not read the same books I did, and he didn’t quite fit the “normal” baby mold. I eventually realized that there was still some wisdom to be found in “old-school” methods of parenting.

    I love that Min had a drawer experience. As moms, we should have plenty of stories to tell to our children’s future spouses.

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