Three months

Hi Minniko,

Today you are three months old. And what a difference a few weeks can make. We’ve really started to jive and my heart gets a little more full of and for you each day. You’ve started snoring, which makes me happy and now you give me big smiles whenever you wake up. I’ve heard you chuckle in your sleep before, but recently you laughed for the first time when Daddy and I were playing with you; it was the sweetest sound. This month you saw your first snow, went on your first road trip to Northern Virginia, met Little BFF & The Gang, and came to North Carolina to spend time with “Khalajaani” (Aunt Uzma) and your cousin Tater. I’ve started reading to you and you seem to really enjoy all the stories. I promise to take you to the local library as soon as I pay the fine for my overdue book.


three months