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Unpacking and setting up a new place is equal parts tedious and exciting. Oh, and have I mentioned? We’re having a party here on Saturday. I was the genius that came up with that idea.

My plan of attack so far has been to get everything off the floor because any space immediately looks less messy when the floor is clean even if the mess has just been moved to the couch or the bed. Next, I’ve set up large garbage bags in several areas so I don’t have to waste time re-tracing my last five steps to throw away a dryer sheet. BECAUSE THAT WOULD WASTE TIME.

While unpacking on a deadline helps me stay focused it also creates a little too much room for the “for now.” You know what the for now is, right? It’s when you end every sentence out loud and in your head with “for now.”

I’ll just put this bag in this closet for now.
These books can just stay on my desk for now.
We can leave this giant box in this room for now.

The FOR NOW is the best-worst because it helps you get organized, but also reminds you that you will have more work to do later because in about six days you’re going to find a box of Plum Amazins in your linen closet and get annoyed that they’re not in their proper place (in the kitchen cabinet for dry foods, obviously) and then remember that you left them there for now because you were on a deadline to unpack and set up your entire place because a few weeks earlier you thought it would be a GREAT IDEA! to have a party at your house TWO WEEKS AFTER YOU MOVE.

Today’s decoration inspiration: a beautiful entryway via I Love Ugly

entryway inspiration

4 thoughts on “For now

  1. I hear you on the “for now” thing. I have been in my new apartment for about a month now, and I still have a collection of boxes that are stacked in the living room (across from the front door, no less) containing items that we haven’t gotten around to putting away yet. There are so many times I have wondered about stuff I haven’t seen since we moved. You’d think I would have put two and two together by now. Good luck with your party! You can always drape pretty saris over “for now” piles. 🙂

    1. @Afsana haha, we still have unopened boxes in my mom’s garage from our move circa 1997! It’s embarrassing! Maybe I’ll tell my mom about the sari idea for her garage and then we’ll never have to actually clean it 😉

  2. Congrats on your new place! May this new phase of you life bring happiness and prosperity to you guys!

    We’re moving in the next few months, about 120 miles south.
    Moving is such a pain in the you-know-what!

    1. Thanks henna! Inshallah ameen and same to you guys! 🙂

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