Dress Well quick tip: Avoid hijab hair (Hijab style guide)

Dress Well Quick Tip: How to avoid hijab hair from Sabrina Enayatulla on Vimeo.

If you wear hijab you know EXACTLY what hijab hair is. If you don’t wear hijab, lean in closer. There’s a lot to share.

Hijab hair is what happens when you unwrap your hair at the end of the day only to find that your freshly blown out hair (from yesterday) is now totally matted. So before you can come out of your bedroom/bathroom to show yourself off in all your cuteness to your main squeeze (and to that hallway mirror you peek into every few minutes when you know your locks are looking super lush) you take a second look at yourself and realize that you bear a striking resemblance to Gumbi thanks to HH: hijab hair, not to be confused with HHH: Triple H, Hunter Hearst Helmsley because his post-match hair looks much better than your does right now. So you do what is most common among those of us who unite over Pashminas and tiny pins: you pull your hair right back into the bun/ponytail it was in all day.

Well my hijabed friends, the madness stops now!

A big thank you to of for letting us share this tip on how you can avoid hijab hair!

A few months back Reagan Bakerof Hair Dresser on Fireposted a genius tip on avoiding hat hair. And the moment I read it I knew it would be a great tip for avoiding hijab hair too! Lucky for us Regan was radz enough to let us share her tip on Dress Well!

I tried Reagan’s tip and I was amazed at how simple and right on it was! And to be quite honest a little jeal that I didn’t come up with this myself six years ago when I started covering my hair!

I should mention there is only one caveat with this tip. And that is that it will not work if you pull your hair back under your hijab while your hair is wet. But honestly you shouldn’t be doing that anyway because pulling your hair back too tight when it’s wet can thin it out over time (especially around your hairline), can make your hair smell like wet dog, for real (that freshly washed hair needs to breathe!) and/or give you a headache if it’s wrapped extra tight under a hijab all day.

If you don’t feel like your hair can pull nicely under a hijab unless it’s wet then try a dab of hair serum in place of water. These days all the rage is argan oil, but if you don’t have that any hair serum (or even a few drops of olive oil!) should be just fine.

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18 thoughts on “Dress Well quick tip: Avoid hijab hair (Hijab style guide)

  1. Funny, this so does not apply to me — I wear a wig cap under my hijab. [In case you don’t know, a wig cap is sort of like a small knee-high stocking that fits on the head to keep real hair in place under a wig.] I don’t want to use products in my hair [hairspray, gel, etc.], and I’ve found that nothing else works for my slippery hair. The wig cap flattens it soooo much, even if I cared what my hair looked like after I take my hijab off [which I don’t], I wouldn’t have any choice. 🙂

  2. aaaah thank you SO much! I always wondered what I could do to fix that. you are awesome for sharing.

  3. AS, Fabulous post!! I’ve been doing this since the start of wearing hijab, a few years back, but only started doing it by accident 🙂

    1. @Night Owl, haha, so cool!

  4. this is the next best thing since sliced bread!

    1. @henna, yay! and I love sliced bread 🙂

  5. Thanks a lot for this tip, that’s really clever!

    1. @Li I know! I wish it was my original idea!

  6. Great tip! But I end up with a headache if I pull hair away from the normal direction.

    1. @Sal, oh no! Does that always happen? I wonder if you can give it a try when you’re at home so you can quickly make a chance if you do get a headache.

  7. Thanks for the tip!! I end up wearing my hair in a ponytail all the time because I dont want it to look too poofy under my khimar, or too crazy when I take it off, but this is a great idea.

    and I literally LOL’d at the Gumby reference!!

    I love your blog :o)

    1. @Aliyah I think a lot of us do that! And then it’s like you live your whole life post-hijab in a ponytail! UGG! Yes, Gumby’s “hair” was something, but he was kind of the man 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  8. Good idea! Thanks for posting. I think it’s hilarious that the way to your fashion-heart is a hijab that does not require ironing 😉

    1. @Kimberly You know too much! 🙂

  9. Ooooh! Great tip. Thank you for posting 🙂

    1. @Farah Yay, I hope you try it and love!

  10. I LOVE your Dress Well Series Sabrina! Absolutely fantastic. This one in particular is something I can definitely relate to- I hate hijab head. Definitely sharing with my readers.
    Hats off to you!
    ha ha ha 😀

    1. Thanks Asma! Yes hijab head is the worst!

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