Home for Tater duties!

The Boss and I drove home to Northern Virginia on Friday to spend some time with my family. He drove back up to New York on Sunday since he had to work on Monday and I stayed behind as planned to help Uzma with Tater while Uzma studies for a medical exam she has to take before her maternity leave ends and she returns to her pediatrics residency in April.

She’s a doctor. And I’m unemployed. I’m pretty sure my parents have a favorite.

My mom drove down to North Carolina last week to pack up and pick up Uzma and Tater and they arrived home on Monday. Yesterday morning Uzma gave the rundown of some basic things to expect with Tater.┬áMy plan was to kiss Tater’s cheeks all day every day and only take breaks to eat her feet and bite her nose. But it turns out babies are a little more work than that. Uzma kept talking about POOP! followed by, “CALL ME IF YOU NEED ANYTHING.”

I’m not sure what kind of diaper presentation Tater’s been offering at home, but she was totally delicate and ladylike with me. She’s only 8 weeks young so it’s not like we “played” per se, but we were definitely enjoying each other’s company. She sat with me while I worked on my computer and ate lunch and she kicked her hands and legs and cooed and kept smiling at me shyly and turning her head away. I’m pretty sure we’re best friends now.

When I couldn’t resist I snuggled her until I thought I might have been boarder-line using up too much of her oxygen and she fed and burped and slept on this little baby bed my dad sewed for her. When I heard her cry in the morning, I crawled over to Uzma’s room on my hands and knees and kept whisper shouting, THHAYYTTER!! THHAYYTTER!! until Uzma was all, Oh my God Sabrina! Come in! So I popped up, opened the door and was all, “Aww, you guys are awake? Okay, cool, so what does Tate want to do today?”

I held a wide-eyed Tater in my arms until she dozed off and at some point I’m pretty sure I promised her that I’ll keep a lifetime supply of her favorite snacks at my house for whenever she comes over.

Let’s hope she likes cheese balls. That’ll be a win-win for everyone.

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  1. So I have to admit that “Awwwwww!” was playing in my head while reading this entire post. Nothing like a teeny one to light up life. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Kimberly. Yes she is teeny and sweet!

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