Skim vs 2% vs Me. I cannot be stopped.

Him: I think I’m going to have some milk.

Me: Oh, about that…

Him: Yeah?

Me: Umm…nothing?

Him: Are we out of milk?

Me: A little bit.

Him: Oh…I thought we just got milk the other day.

Me: We did. But I kind of finished mine and then I wanted to eat a lot of cereal so I kind of finished yours too.

Him: Oh, that’s okay…wasn’t there like three-quarters left?

Me: Yeah, about that…

2 thoughts on “Skim vs 2% vs Me. I cannot be stopped.

  1. This brought back memories of our mini fridge, full of milk and Halal chicken!

    Well, full of milk for a hot second…

    Remember that weird check out dude at that food lion?! Bahahaha..good times.

    1. @Jen, Haha, yeah! Aw, Food Lion! They all got bought out by bloom in Nova.

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