Road Trip Recap: Day 5

A recap of our final day on the road.
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Although this was our fifth day driving, it actually took us four and a half days to get from L.A. to Connecticut. For the last leg of our trip, we hit the road at 6:30 a.m. to miss any possible Thanksgiving-day traffic. We figured most people would hit the roads between 1 and 3 p.m., and since we’d be driving through New York City, our goal was to reach our place before 1 p.m. I drove the whole way on Wednesday, and we pulled into the parking lot at 12:45 p.m. I am my father’s daughter. To NOT be punctual would be a disgrace to his genetic code. Reaching Connecticut not only marked the beginning of a new time in The Boss’s and my life together, but it also marked the completion of item #61 on my Life List, which was to drive across the country — something that I will never forget.

So, our new place is just outside of New Haven (about three miles) and though we’re looking forward to exploring what this area has to offer, it’s been too cold to do much. A good day around here is 16 degrees; 26 feels like summertime. We’ve spend some time with The Boss’s parents who are a little over an hour away, but mostly, we spent the first few weeks just getting set up. It wasn’t until we cleared the apartment of all the boxes scattered everywhere did it start to feel like we actually live here. But as each day goes by, our new place is slowly starting to feel more like home.

Life List #61: Drive across the country.
So totally worth it

5 thoughts on “Road Trip Recap: Day 5

  1. What can I say….BS.

  2. Congratulations!

    You two should def. hit the slopes!

  3. very very interesting and wonderfull videoes,specialy the music.
    thank you soooooo much for uploading videos in Vimeo 🙂

  4. i almost wanted to clap after i watched this one :o) so happy for you two!!!

  5. CONGRATULATIOOOONS! Wonderful videos for a wonderful trip, and what a wonderful sun welcoming you two in your new home… I hope you’ll live wonderful days there 🙂

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