Road Trip Recap: Day 4

A recap of day four on the road.
Stay tuned for our final video recap!
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The way my friendship with The Boss blossomed from childhood to adulthood is something that I really value in our relationship. We became best friends not through an intimate relationship, but our intimate relationship came because of our friendship. Over the last several years of getting to know each other, and these last two and a half years of marriage, The Boss and I have known where we stand on issues that are important to us, and we’ve talked in great detail about our dreams and goals for the future. But even though we’ve lived and traveled together for these past 29 months, this road trip (nearly 50 hours together, UNINTERRUPTED!) really taught me more about him, and about us, than I thought I already knew. The Boss and I tend to talk more about what we want five years from now, but this trip really opened up a new dialogue between us about our more immediate goals and how to reach them. We had more than our fair share of laughs while on the road, but we also had a lot of serious conversations about faith, family, and life as it is now. And though we have a ton of wonderful new memories after this trip, one of my favorite things about being squeezed together in a car for four and a half days was learning a little more about my life partner, and feeling the comfort and togetherness of being able to share more hopes for my future with a man who is already a part of it.

9 thoughts on “Road Trip Recap: Day 4

  1. i dislike the ads in the middle of ur blog. the top and sides are okay, but when i’m scrolling down or trying to read, its SUCH A DISTRACTION.

  2. My family relocated from Southern California to Michigan. We drove all the way here (husb and children). It’s an experience I will never forget.

  3. ROFL @ KKK in Mcds. ROFL!!!!
    Yes, Ohio is SO BORING and full of speed traps. We often drive from Toronto Ontario Canada to Cincinnati Ohio to see family and ITS SO DULL!
    But now its over. I cant wait to see more of your apartment in new england

  4. road trips are the best! love ur blog!
    dude did you wear the same hijab for all four days!

  5. mA ma mA mA mA mA you are so incredibly cute!!

    and i was like OH OH OH i know that in response to the square root of 121, i would have helped you if the boss gave you that option, but alhamdulilah you got it on your own.

  6. I laughed so hard at the math question my kidneys are hurting.
    And i usually go 90 when the limit is 45, which explains why my father forbids me from using his car. i always like to make a evil laugh when i make it home without a ticket. The feeling is uber fantastish.

  7. Ahhh as an ohio native myself i know exactly the feeling! I got pulled over on a 35mph street for doing 41!

  8. The biggest question is, did you get to watch the Biggest Loser then?!

  9. Sabrina, Such a wonderful thing, to learn and grow together. Truly a blessing.

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