Overcoming the challenges of five daily prayers

Hopefully by now you understand the importance of praying each salah at its specified time each day. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to keep up given that most of us lead very busy lives and aren’t necessarily at home or near a mosque when it’s time to pray.

And what about work? Well, we all have jobs. But that doesn’t mean that you skip your Salah because you’re working. And don’t listen to the people who tell you that you can do it when you get home. That’s not an option. When the time for prayer comes in, it is required that you pray. It doesn’t matter how busy we get, NOTHING is more important then performing your Salah at its appointed time.
Salah is the first thing that Muslims will be asked about in the grave, and on the Day of Judgment when each of us stands alone before God.

Relax, it’s okay. So what if someone sees you?

They’ll ask.
You’ll tell.
They’ll learn.

Every building has an office, room, or corner, which is not being used. Grab your compass, find the direction of the Kiblah and perform your salah. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of praying at work, talk to someone in HR and discuss with them ways that you can oblige to your religious duty without letting it interfere with your work.
They will accommodate you (because this is America and everyone is afraid of being slapped with a discrimination lawsuit) and God will reward you for making the effort.

It’s a total win-win.