The Ablution: Wudu’ (ritual washing for prayer)

When it’s time to pray you are required to be in a state of purity. This means that your clothes must be clean and pure and you must have preformed the ritual washing, Wudu’ (sounds like: wuh-doo).

Say, “Bismillah” (In the name of Allah)

1. Wash each hand up to your wrists 3 times starting with your right hand.

2. Rinse your mouth with water 3 times. (Like when you brush your teeth, you rinse and spit).

3. Using your right hand like a cup, fill with water and put in your nose with a gentle inhale; don’t choke yourself. Blow/clean your nose with your left hand. Repeat 3 times.

4.Wash your face from hairline to chin 3 times. You don’t need soap. A bit of water in your hands and over your face is sufficient.

5.Wash your arms from your wrist to just past the elbow 3 times each starting with your right arm.

6. Take a bit of water in both hands run it over your hair and then clean your ears; put each index finger in your ears and with your thumbs wipe behind your ears. Do this once.

7.Wash your feet and ankles 3 times. Start with your right foot and then your left. Use your pinky finger on your right hand to wash between all your toes.

Recite the shahadah (remember this?)
“Ash hadu al la-ilaha ill Allah Wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan abdu hu-wa Rasooluh.”

Translation: I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His last servant and messenger.

Once I do my Wudu’ (ablution) does it last forever?

Sorry, Kid. I’m gonna have to go with an N-O on that one. Before you pray it is required that you are in a state of purity—this is accomplished by performing the wudu’ properly. But there are a few things that nullify your ablution, which means you have to do it again before you can pray.

1. Using the bathroom (as in the toilet).

2. Passing gas (see, Mom, I didn’t say fart!)

3. Falling asleep while lying down. (A quick shut-eye while sitting up on the couch won’t break your wudu’).

4. If a married couple has sexual intercourse, both parties must make “GHUSUL” (this means they must take a complete shower from head to toe).

5. If a man ejaculates, he must make ghusul before he is considered to be in a state of purity to perform his Salah.

WELCOME A NEW WORD: GHUSUL is to wash yourself completely. There is a method of doing ghusul, which includes washing your…ahem…private areas, and making sure to do wudu’, and pouring water over your head. Essentially, it’s a shower, and that’s probably the easiest way (for now) to think about it.