Convertible Harem Pant

convertible jumpsuit

(Convertible Harem Pant, $78 at

OMG, ya’ll!
SWOON with a capital ‘S.”

convertible jumpsuit 2
Double Swoon, and now Melting.

Convertible Harem Pants! Are you kidding me?

I’ve heard stories of really religious people who were so awesome at life that God just gave them things.
For real, I’m not kidding.

Like this one time, I heard this story about this guy that wanted to go for Hajj (the holy pilgrimage to Mecca) so bad, but he didn’t have any money, and he prayed and prayed, and all of a sudden this bag of money like, fell out of the sky.


Now, here’s what I’m thinking.
If we all pray together — like the best prayer we’ve ever done, maybe these pants will fall out of the sky, and land in my studio apartment in L.A.


Ya’ll! Pray harder!

Okay, nothing so far, but I’ll keep doing my part, and I’ll update you on what happens.

(For the record, I’m not comparing convertible harem pants to Hajj, but I bet if I went for Hajj, and prayed for these pants, I would totally get them.)

Plan B: Must go for Hajj.

So, some of you might not be down with the, “I did doo-doo in my pants look,” but I am SO down with that look. I HEART anything that has multiple uses, and I kind of consider myself the Queen of Resourceful — so much so, that I yelled at my sister when I saw there was a bagel cutter on her bridal registry. She was all, “We like bagels!” and I was like, “USE A KNIFE!”

These harem pants are perfect for a number of reasons. First, they keep their super loose fit all the way to just below the ankle, which most harem pants don’t do. They’re perfect if you’re in that phase where you want to transition from fitted jeans to loser slacks, or skirts, and they’re just plain cute, which is totally and completely a win-win all around. Actually, it’s a win-win-win, because you can convert these pants into something a little sexier for a girls night, or for when you’re hanging with your guy.

(And by “guy” I mean husband, People. My mom reads this, so stop trying to get me in trouble!)

If you plan on wearing these as pants, don’t feel like you have to go fitted on top because of the baggy style. A long tank with a loose cardi, or even a drapey top are totally fine here. A heel is the best option so the look stays long and lean, but if you choose to wear this as a jumper, a flat sandal is a great option.

Bottom line, Ladies: Do it.
These are too cute to pass up.

2 thoughts on “Convertible Harem Pant

  1. Even though there’s no way in a bazillion years i could get away with these things for myself, somehow, they have me completely spellbound!

    I know! Right?!

    Love that second option!

  2. I’m praying! haha.

    No, but seriously those are gorgeous. I love harem pants *full stop* .

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